About James Mungin

James Mungin II, proud resident of Liberty City in Miami, FL is an audio engineer by trade. Naturally, behind the scenes is how he likes to move, letting his actions speak louder than his words. Most people who come in contact with him, know him as Munch. The founder and CEO of All Like Minds Media, a live production and digital media company specializing in the audio/video production of small to mid size concerts and events, mobile recording, podcasting and sound design for Theater and Film.

Although he is someone who likes to consider himself simply, a concerned and engaged resident of Miami Dade County. His consistent advocacy and work alongside Valencia Gunder on many issues concerning policy on equity, climate, gun violence, emergency response, and most importantly the lack of access to public information has garnered the trust of his community who nominated and awarded him with the 2017 BMe #IAmBlackGenius Award.

He feels his purpose now is to unite, progress and grow urban communities by building a hyperlocal media network for black communities of color.. Who’s better to tell the story of the beauty of black than those who are taking part in it. So, with that being said he reached out to Janey Tate and started “Trappin Ain’t Dead”, a Podcast to promote the positive stories and taboo topics not often discussed openly in detail in our communities while explaining  common issues that affect our everyday quality of life but are only talked about where we are not present. Marcus Garvey so eloquently stated, A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. An African proverbs says, If you cut your chains, you free yourself. if you cut your roots, you die. This is not the time to be WOKE and you still in bed. Let’s get to work.